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Fall Fest raises $7,926.38!

Thank you so much to everyone who donated at the Fall Fest 2018 admission gates! Thanks to your generosity, the event raised $7,926.38. All of the money raised goes directly to our scholarship fund. Last year we awarded over $26,000 to families that would not have been able to afford to participate in our summer and winter programs without financial assistance.  The amount raised is equal to providing around 300 days of summer camp to families receiving scholarships!  Thank you!

Fall Fest is ON for Saturday, September 15, 2018

The storm has passed! After consulting directly with the forecasters at the National Weather Service, the weather for today’s event is expected to be good. Fall Fest IS happening as scheduled, today, Saturday, September 15, from 9:30-4:30. We hope to see you here!

Please remember- if you can’t walk or bike, please use the shuttles from UMD Lot B. There is no parking (other than handicapped permit parking) at the event.

Fall Fest 2018 Weather Update

WEATHER UPDATE (11am Friday): We are monitoring the weather conditions for this weekend as they develop. Chester Bowl Fall Fest 2018 is scheduled for Saturday, September 15th. Thunderstorms are possible on Saturday. We will make a final decision by 6am Saturday on whether to host Fall Fest on Saturday or on Sunday 9/16. We will post here, on our Facebook Page, and on our outgoing message at 218-724-9832. We will NOT be making the decision on Friday. Thank you for your patience as we look to balance safety, scheduling, and the enjoyment of the event.