2023/2024 Winter Volunteer Opportunities

The winter program is made possible by the efforts of our many volunteers! Each winter, Chester Bowl families contribute over 5,000 hours of volunteer time. Thank you! Program participants pay a volunteer deposit and are responsible for 6 or 12 volunteer hours (depending on the amount of equipment rented). During equipment returns, at the end of the season, families that completed their volunteer hours are eligible to get their volunteer deposit back. If you do not get your volunteer hours done, that’s OK but you will forfeit your deposit, and you will be in the last group to sign up for equipment fittings in the following season. This system allows us to keep our program prices affordable. 

Families that sign up and get their volunteer hours earlier in the season usually do not have any issues getting their hours in. However, if you wait until the end of the season it can be really difficult to complete your volunteer commitment. 

If you have a work schedule or life circumstances that prevents you from completing your volunteer commitment please email sam@chesterbowl.org to see if there are any other ways that you can complete your volunteer hours outside of the opportunities listed on this page. We are happy to work with you! 

Current Volunteer Opportunities 

Hill Cleanups- Do you love doing yard work and are craving an opportunity to do more of it?!? If yes, consider volunteering for our annual hill cleanup where we remove brush, branches, and invasive plants from the hill. We also clean the chalet and do several other things to help get things ready for the start of the season. Kids are welcome at the event but they should be able to help in a meaningful way. 

The cleanup is on Saturday, October 28, from 9-noon. To sign up, follow this link: [Look for link in Fall 2023]

At the end of the year we will have a similar hill cleanup but instead of doing yard work we will be cleaning up after the season. Once we are ready for volunteers to sign up we will post a link here.

Equipment Fitting Volunteers- Towards the end of October and throughout November we will be fitting people for skis and snowboards. We need about a dozen volunteers to make this happen each night. Volunteers can help with fitting people for skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, handling paperwork, and several other tasks. Here is the link to get signed up: [Look for link in Fall 2023]

Snowmaking– Chester Bowl has two snowmaking machines that we use to make all of the snow on the hill. Volunteers help us monitor the equipment during 4 hour shifts. Volunteers complete a Google Form to express interest in snowmaking. Then, once the weather is cold enough for us to make snow, we will email a Signup Genius sign up to the people who have registered. Volunteers then sign up for shifts that work best for their schedule, receive training, and help us make snow. To register to become a snowmaking volunteer follow this link: [Look for link in Fall 2023]

Concession Stand Volunteers– We will continue to operate both our indoor and outdoor concession stands this year.  Volunteers will use Signup Genius to pick the location and task they would like to do. Volunteers outside will be selling lift tickets and pre-packaged food while the volunteers indoors will be preparing and selling hot food in addition to monitoring the indoor space for cleanliness and appropriate behavior. Here is the link to sign up to volunteer in the concession stand: [Look for link in Fall 2023]

Alpine Race Series- The Chester Bowl Alpine Race Series is a great way for kids to learn basic racing skills and have an awesome time doing it. It’s a super fun event and relies on many volunteers to pull off each race. Races are on Sundays starting in February and go into March. You can sign up at this link: [Look for link in Fall 2023]

Freestyle Fridays- Terrain parks can be intimidating for people but we have a super fun event series designed to teach people to use terrain park features safely while introducing them to freestyle competitions. Volunteers help with registration as well as event setup. Here is a link to the volunteer signup: [Look for link in Fall 2023]

Terrain Park Maintenance- Even though we have several Terrain Park Coordinators and Cadets who help setup and maintain the terrain park it’s so much work that we need additional volunteer support! Throughout the season we will have “terrain park reset” volunteer opportunities where folks can help us take out terrain park features and store them so the groomer can reshape the snow. Then we will have another night where we will put in the new features and build jumps. These opportunities happen on a regular basis and we will post links here when we are ready for volunteers to sign up.

Equipment Return Volunteers- Equipment returns are April 22-24, 5:30-9pm and during the course of these three nights we will collect over 1200 sets of skis and all of our snowboard equipment. We need many volunteers to pull this off. To sign up follow this link: [Look for link in spring 2024]

Duluth, Minnesota