We are so grateful for all of the volunteers at Chester Bowl that make our program possible. We truly could not have a ski and snowboard program without all of you generously giving your time!

Completing your volunteer hours also ensures that you are eligible for your volunteer refund and that you will be in the “first bucket” for the following year’s equipment lottery.

Volunteer Opportunities: 

Families are required to volunteer for 6 or 12 hours, depending on family size and gear rented. All signups will be online, and accessible from this page when ready for signups.

Clean Yer’ Creek 2021-Like many parks in Duluth, Chester Bowl has a designated trout stream cutting through it on its way to Lake Superior. As Chester Creek cuts through neighborhoods, near businesses, and along roadways it collects trash and carries it to the lake. Bodies of water like Chester Creek are treasures that we need to care for. Fortunately, our friends at Duluth Parks & Rec, LOLL, Epicurean, Involta, Hartels, SISU Healthcare Solutions, Keep Duluth Clean, and Bent Paddle are helping to care for these treasures. Clean Yer’ Creek is back this year and now is your opportunity to help clean up! After missing last year due to the pandemic, we are excited to get back out to clean Keene and Chester creek on Saturday May 8, 2021. If you want to help out you have to register ahead of time using the link copied below. The morning of the cleanup there will be a check in 9:30-10am followed by the cleanup will be from 10am-1pm.

This year, there will not be an afterparty but Bent Paddle will be giving out a drink token for volunteering. For those of you who have not yet met your volunteer commitment for the 2020/2021 winter program, you can count these hours.

To get signed up, follow this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/clean-yer-creek-2021-tickets-150111815481

If you have any questions about the event please email sam@chesterbowl.org.

Terrain Park Reset- During the course of the season we will need the help of parents to remove terrain park features so that the snow can be groomed. Once the snow is groomed, we will need another group of volunteers to put the terrain park features back in place, groom the jumps, and help with other tasks. Volunteers will be using shovels, pickaxes, and lifitng heavy objects while volunteering. The next upcoming terrain park reset opportunity will be posted here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090D4DAAAE2CA4FA7-terrain1

Fill-In Volunteer Signup– Do you have a schedule that prohibits you from signing up for a volunteer shift? Do you often find yourself with unplanned free time and think “I should have volunteered!” If you answer yes to either of these statements, consider signing up for our Fill-In Volunteer Signup. If we need extra help because a volunteer is sick or unable to fulfill their shift, we will contact folks on this list to see who may be able to fill in.

Concession stand:  If you need  volunteer hours, concessions are a good place to start.  We will be selling concessions outside in a wooden shack. Although it will be heated, it will still likely be cold, so dress for the weather. At the start of the season, we will only be selling day passes and had warmers; volunteers will also be helping to watch the lift line to help enforce proper spacing. To sign-up follow this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090D4DAAAE2CA4FA7-202014

If Chester Bowl closes the hill for the day because of weather conditions (cold, etc.), concessions volunteers that were scheduled for the day will still get credit for their hours as if they were present. This is the only volunteer opportunity with this option; if ski races, the fall hill cleanup, or other volunteer shifts are cancelled, volunteers will NOT get credit for those hours and will need to seek other alternative volunteer opportunities.

Lift Line Monitor:

We need help enforcing COVID-19 rules regarding face coverings and physical distancing. To volunteer to help us do this please follow this link to get signed up: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090d4daaae2ca4fa7-chester20

Freestyle Fridays: 

As of 12/17/20, current rules do not allow for us to host Freestyle Fridays this season. If this changes, you will be able to sign up to help volunteer here.

2021 Ski & Snowboard Equipment Returns

Every year we have our gear come back in three days. This year, returns are May 3-6, 5-8pm each night. To volunteer, follow this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090d4daaae2ca4fa7-20211

End of Season Hill Cleanup

We need help to clean the hill up once we close on Sunday, March 14. To signup to volunteer follow this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/4090d4daaae2ca4fa7-hill

Changing your volunteer shift:

If you are scheduled to volunteer, and find you are unable to make a concessions volunteer shift, it is ESSENTIAL that you find a replacement volunteer and/or inform us.  If we do not have enough volunteers, we would be unable to operate our concession stand for that time.  If you need to change your commitment, the procedures are as follows:

1. First, try to find a replacement for yourself.  You can contact families you know or ask another family member to fill in.

2. Contact the Concessions coordinator for the month to either report who the replacement is, or that you were unable to find one.  Volunteers are unable to make changes to SignUpGenius, but the coordinators can.  This season’s coordinators are:

Chris Morton (December 7-January 13): (952) 215-1050

Diane Schubert (January 14- February 12): (218) 343-4068

Joyce Cagle (February 13- March 15): (218) 348-4222

3. If the shift is that day, and you are unable to find a volunteer replacement AND unable to reach the coordinator, then please call Chester Bowl at 724-9832 to let us know so we can find a replacement.  Please do not cancel without finding a replacement or letting us know!

Duluth, Minnesota