Volunteering is the lifeblood of Chester Bowl. The wonderful experiences at Chester Bowl would not be possible without the dedicated efforts of volunteers. Commitment to the park environment and to youth is shared by Chester Bowl Improvement Club (CBIC) members and friends from a community that commit their time and abilities to provide opportunities for everyone. In addition to numerous park opportunities, CBIC committees offer a terrific behind the scenes way to support the bowl. The meetings are casual and rewarding. Plus, volunteer hours count toward the annual ski program. To find the committee the works best for you, take a look at the descriptions and get involved today.

Human Resources Committee
The HR Committee is responsible for all human resources related activities and ensuring CBIC is compliant with all requirements. Work includes job description development, recruitment, and hiring associated with CBIC’s leadership succession plan. Additionally, the HR committee works on general record keeping, training, etc. best practices.

Development Committee
The Development Committee is primarily responsible for marketing, fundraising and grant writing. Projects include promoting and supporting programs and events via press releases, newsletters and the Chester Bowl web site.

Programming Committee
The Programming Committee designs and implements the winter ski program and the summer youth program. The committee also assists with Fall Fest and finds new creative ways to improve the parks success.

Finance Committee
The Finance Committee handles general accounting, accounts payable and payroll. Duties include controlling expenditures and obligations (including operating expenses, debt, payroll), receipting and depositing all revenues, managing the investment of all monies, accounting for all assets and capital project expenditures and internal and external reporting.

If you are interested in helping out with one of these committees, call or email Dave Schaeffer at
Thanks for supporting your park!

Dave Schaeffer
Executive Director
Chester Bowl Improvement Club
1801 East Skyline Dr.
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Duluth, Minnesota