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Update Fall, 2022

Registration for Summer Camp 2023 will open some time in March; check back for updates in late winter. Information below is from Summer 2022 and is subject to change.

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Chester Bowl Camps are based on a philosophy of nature play, positive social interaction with peers, teen mentors, and adult staff, and immersion in nature.  We see campers thrive in an environment where they are given age-appropriate amounts of choice, responsibility, and risk.  A typical day may include unstructured play time on the playground, group games and activities with both the full group and smaller groups, arts and crafts, hiking through Chester on the way to a local field trip, fort building, making boats from natural materials, playing in the creek, smiling, laughing, making new friends, and asking “do I really need to go home now?” at the end of the day.


Camp is Monday through Thursday, June 13 through August 18. Campers can be dropped off starting at 8am and must be picked up before 5pm each day. Campers must be between 6 years old (or have completed kindergarten) and 12 years old at the start of camp in order to attend.


Each week of camp costs $140 per camper and there is one-time $50 family registration fee. Scholarships are available and can be requested at the time of registration. We offer several ways to pay. Parents may pay in full at the time of registration, select a monthly payment plan, or request a scholarship. If you are requesting a scholarship, checkout without making a payment and Sam will contact you regarding the your request. We award every scholarship that is requested so if money is an issue do not let it be a barrier.


The day camp is offered in three locations all within Chester Park.

  • Lower Chester is located at the Rip Williams ice rink and Lower Chester community center, 1417 E 5th St, Duluth MN, 55805. Lower Chester offers a paved play surface where campers can skateboard, roller blade, bike and play games. It’s also close to the beloved “Lava Beach” swimming hole.
  • The Thom Storm Chalet or “Middle Chester” is located at the foot of the ski hill in Chester Park, 1801 E. Skyline Parkway, Duluth MN, 55812. Located in Chester Bowl Park, the chalet offers campers a chance to play on the ski hill and an opportunity to play on the playground.
  • The Soccer Field or “Upper Chester” is located at the end of the road in Chester Park (same address as the chalet). There, we take advantage of a huge garage which serves as home base. Campers at Upper Chester get the opportunity to play in the giant soccer field, build forts in the corner of the park, and are close hiking distance from Saint Scholastica’s campus.

Each camp location offers unique opportunities for play but all three sites offer very similar programming built around the Peace in the Park philosophy. Campers at all three locations will be able to experience all the great things that the park has to offer and will spend time each week in the different park locations. For example, Lower Chester may hike up to Upper Chester to play on the playground and Chalet and Upper Chester groups may hike down to Lower Chester to play on the hockey rink. No matter where your camper is signed up they will have an awesome experience! 


Registration is now open to all families. The registration link is posted on this page but please read all the camp info before registering. Please note that there is limited availability remaining for the summer.


We have moved to online registration software provided by Regpack to manage our registration for summer camp. Following the timeline above, a link will be emailed out to returning families during the afternoon on March 11. Families will then follow this link to our online registration where they can register their children, complete our required forms, and select a payment option. Starting March 17, the registration link will be posted here for new families.

Please note that our registration software automatically adds a “registration protection” option to your order. This is a fee from Regpack, not Chester, and may be defaulted on. If you do not want to pay that fee, please be sure to check that you have opted out before completing your registration! Also, if you make changes and go back to the checkout page, please confirm that this fee has not been re-added to your cart.

Follow this link to our registration guide for step-by-step instructions:

Here is the link to register for camp: (link will be added when registration is open)


It is important that each family understands what Chester Bowl camp is about and the policies we have in place at camp. Parents are expected to review the parent handbook prior to the first day of camp, preferably before registering their children for camp. To view the parent handbook follow this link:


We will be operating a teen volunteer “Summer Cadet” program again this summer for those that have completed 7th grade up through those who are 15 years old. We will be operating the program independently this summer, and will NOT be running it through the 4H Incredible Exchange program. Find out all of the details and register here:


Getting registered for camp can be challenging especially for new families. If you have questions about camp, registration, or anything else please email

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