Ski and Snowboard Season Rental Program

Are you looking to rent skis or snowboards through Chester Bowl for the winter season? Please read on, even if you are past participants.  Please also share this information with families who may want to join in the fun at Chester Bowl for the first time.

For people looking for ONLY a season pass: Season passes cannot be purchased online, and require people to come in to Chester Bowl to get them. Please fill out your paperwork in advance (find it here) to save time and minimize mutual exposure times. If you have all needed signatures in advance, only one person needs to come in to make the passes. Please bring a photograph for each person to be laminated into the passes (drivers license or smallest school photo size) and payment by check or cash. The best option at this point is to come in to Chester Bowl during the hours that our hill is open. You may need to be patient upon arrival, as we are a small operation. If you are hoping to get season passes outside of these hours, please email to see if a time can be arranged. For everyone else, read on!

For people looking to get a season pass AND rent gear: Our equipment rental model is to rent gear out for the entire season; you will get the gear in October or November, and keep it with you until mid-April. This gear is yours to use at Chester Bowl, as well as at any other hills that you attend.

We rent out approximately 120 snowboards and 1200 sets of skis each year, so the logistics are a bit complicated. The scheduling process allows us to space out all of our families for the fittings, so we can be as efficient as possible and minimize the number of people indoors at any one time.

UPDATE: Ski fittings are complete for the year. There are a limited number of skis remaining for rental. If you are looking to rent gear for the year, please contact You can also come in to the Chalet during any hours that our hill is open for operation. The steps below are for information only, although we recommend watching the presentation to make sure you know about everything Chester Bowl related

Here are the steps to follow to get gear.
1. Watch this online presentation sharing all the details about Chester Bowl. Please watch through the entire presentation, as there are many important details. Please also be sure to sign up for our email list (instructions are in the presentation).

2. Sign up for fitting times for your family. At the end of the presentation is the link to sign up for ski and snowboard fitting times. Select the time that works best for you. Snowboard fittings and ski fittings are on different days, so be sure to sign up for both if your family needs both. Please pay attention to our COVID precautions during fittings that are outlined on the signup page. These include staying home if anyone feels ill or has had a possible COVID exposure, starting in the ski garage where staff and volunteers will conduct health screenings, and only having one person go into the Chalet to finalize paperwork. We will always keep indoor group sizes at 10 people or less.

3. Download and print out the 2020/2021 Winter Registration Packet and complete it before you show up for your fitting.

4. Attend the fitting night that you signed up for to get your gear! You will be signing up for one fitting spot for each person who is getting gear. If you need to reschedule your time after reserving it, please email Be sure to remember to bring a picture for each person getting a season pass- they are laminated inside the

Prices depend on the number of rentals desired.  Please see the pricing grid at this link. Also, please note that families pay the amount in the “initial cost” column.  This amount includes a volunteering deposit.  After successfully completing volunteer hours, families are eligible for their volunteer deposit to be refunded at the end of the season.

Paperwork will be available at the chalet, but we prefer that you complete it in advance of your fitting. The paperwork is available RIGHT HERE, so you can print it out and fill it out in advance. Blank pages are intentional to have pages line up correctly when printing double-sided. If printing single-sided, there is no need to print those blank pages. You can also stop by the Chalet in advance of your fitting to pick up a paper packet, but please call first; our schedules can be unpredictable.

We offer partial or full scholarships to those receiving season passes and season rentals. If a scholarship would help your family be able to afford our program, simply fill out the one page form included in the registration packet. Every request is approved. Our goal is to never let a family’s financial situation interfere with their ability to ski or snowboard.

All gear MUST be returned during our three equipment return nights. These dates are to be determined, but will be in April or later.

Our ski and snowboard area partners offer fantastic discounts to our season pass holders at their hills. See all the details here!

To view our full Winter Season Preparedness Plan head to our website or follow this link:

Thank you for reading this until the end. If you still have questions please click this link: If you then STILL have questions, call us at 218-724-9832, or email Sam at

Duluth, Minnesota