How to Ride the Chairlift

The Chester Bowl chairlift is a double chair Hall lift which was built in 1974 and installed at Chester Bowl in 1987. The chairlift can accommodate two passengers per chair and can move 960 people up the hill per hour. Because our lift does not slow down during loading, it is important that everyone follows the instructions provided by our lift operators and the guidelines posted below and on all signage posted near the chairlift.

How to Ride the Chester Bowl Chairlift:

1.Find a partner and get into lift line with your ski or snowboard equipment already on

2.Remove backpacks, check for loose clothing or equipment and secure it if necessary

3. Observe all signs and instructions provided by the lift operators

4. When it is your turn to load the lift, move to the loading area. If you are riding with a small child or new skier or snowboarder have them load closest to the lift operator. Be sure to tell the lift operator that the person you are riding with will need extra help

5.  The chair will approach you from behind so look behind your outer shoulder to see it coming

6.  As the chair approaches reach for the back rest, grasp the back rest, and pull yourself onto the seat of the chair

7. Keep your ski or snowboard tips pointed forward and up

8. Lower your restraining bar regardless of your age or ability

9. Remain fully seated with your back against the backrest

10. Wait until you have reached the unloading area to raise the restraining bar (when you pass the reminder sign near the top of the hill) and prepare to unload

11. Check for loose clothing or equipment

12. Unload and immediately move away from the unloading zone

Duluth, Minnesota