Freestyle Fridays

Freestyle Fridays are low-pressure events to help skiers, snowboarders, and snowskaters work on their terrain park skills in a supportive environment. Although it is a contest (with prizes for everyone who participates), the focus is on learning and coaching.

​​We will be splitting participants by ability level (not by age) and by gender. Gender fluid participants are encouraged to participate in the group they are comfortable in. Participants will sign up ahead of the event for a specific ability level and gender group. The ability levels are as follow:

  • Beginner- can ski, snowboard, snowskate down the hill but are learning to do features.
  • Intermediate- have at least one year of experience riding terrain park features, can do a box & easy rails.
  • Expert- Can ride every feature in the park and are focused on advanced tricks

At the start of the event there will be a welcome. We will explain the event to the participants and then split them by their age groups. Each age group will compete simultaneously in different areas of the terrain park. So this means that participants will be split into 6 different groups (based on their ability level and gender)  and each group will be led by two instructors and other volunteers.

  • Each group will be doing a contest on an appropriate feature based on ability level.
    • For example, beginners will be using a fun box or small jump, intermediate a rail, expert a more difficult feature.
  • Groups will have 45 minutes to have a contest during which:
    • Staff members & Cadets will coach the participants
    • Staff members will assign points to each individual based on:
      • Attempts tried
      • Peace in the Parks/ Good sports-person-ship
      • Tricks landed
      • Progress Made

After the 45 minutes is up, we gather up and each coach announces the runners up and winners from each group and we hand out prizes.

  • Beginners Boys
  • Beginners Girls
  • Intermediate Boys
  • Intermediate Girls
  • Expert Boys
  • Expert Girls


Event registration is open 5-6pm the day of the event and is located in the equipment fitting garage. An emergency contact form and waiver must be signed by a parent prior to participation in Freestyle Fridays. This form will be available here once we get closer to the season and only need to be filled out once a year. The event starts at 6:15.

This winter’s 2024 Freestyle Friday events will be on:

January 5, RESCHEDULED TO MARCH 1, sponsored by Team Duluth

January 12, sponsored by Duluth Gear Exchange

January 19, sponsored by The Medium Control

January 26, sponsored by Continental Ski and Bike

February 2, sponsored by Natural Investments

POSTPONED to give us time to fix the terrain park after the rain- new date to be determined. Sponsored by Damage Boardshop and Rome Snowboards

February 16, sponsored by The Fireplace Corner

Duluth, Minnesota