Free Group Lessons

**** UPDATE 8/09/21 The information below is from the Winter 2020/2021 season. We will update this page to reflect Winter 2021/2022 lessons once our plans are finalized.****

Chester Bowl ski and snowboard lessons are free to those who have a Chester Bowl season pass or purchase a day pass. Although partner ski area passholders at locations like Spirit Mountain and Mont Du Lac can ski and snowboard here at no cost, they would need to buy a pass to participate in lessons.

Chester Bowl is offering private lessons to individuals or families this year in order to provide an opportunity for the winter program participants to learn to ski or snowboard or to improve skiing and snowboarding skills. We are offering 45-minute lessons every hour daily on December 26-30.

We will also offer lessons on Saturdays and Sundays through February 21st. Signups are added as we move through the winter, allowing us to adapt to changing restrictions if applicable. As of 1/4, lessons through 1/17 are available for signup. If current restrictions are lifted, allowing for our regular group lessons, we may then shift to that model. If restrictions have not changed we will continue to offer private lessons.

If we are able to, we will add more lessons each hour to provide more opportunities to learn.

Lessons are based on ability levels as follows: Level 1- brand new to skiing or snowboarding (using the bunny hill, not the chairlift), Level 2- Have passed the bunny hill and are able to ride the chairlift, or Level 3- are adults or are working on advanced skiing and snowboarding or freestyle skills. December 26-30 we will not be offering Level 3 lessons and are asking adults to not sign up. It is important to get younger skiers and snowboarders repetition that we can only offer during the holiday ski & snowboard lesson week. Adults tend to remember details and are more capable of practicing outside of lessons.  Adults can sign up for Level 1-3 lessons starting January 9.

Even though these are private lessons, family members may join in order to help or to also receive a lesson if the family members are at the same skill level. Only members of the same household are permitted to take part in a lesson together.

Parents or older siblings of Level 1 skiers and snowboarders (brand new to the sport) are especially encouraged to take part in the lesson. Parents will be helping to push their skier up the hill, getting their skier into the perfect skier stance, or catching their skier at the bottom of the hill. Our instructors are not to be within 6 feet of their student unless that student is under the age of 10 or requires extra assistance. So, parent involvement will help the lesson go smoother and will help your kiddos learn to ski or board much quicker.

Under the current guidelines, only members of the same household are permitted to ride the chairlift together. Level 1 skiers and snowboarders who pass the bunny hill and are riding the chairlift for the first time will be provided verbal instruction but will not be able to ride the chairlift with the instructors unless the student is 10 years old or younger. Having a parent or older sibling present to ride the chairlift with the first-time rider is preferred to protect our instructors. However, if your skier or snowboarder is 10 years old or younger our instructors are permitted to ride the lift with them until they are proficient.

All lesson participants will be screened for exposure to COVID-19 or signs & symptoms of COVID-19. Do not show up to a lesson if you are not well, have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, or are recovering from symptoms of COVID-19. If our staff get sick, lessons will be halted.

All lesson participants are required to maintain social distance from others at all times and are required to wear a mask or face covering during the entire lesson. This applies to all lesson participants including young children. If they can ski or snowboard, they can wear a mask. If this is an issue please do not sign up for lessons.

Lessons will be limited to the 45 minutes that they are scheduled for. If you are late, you are missing out on your lesson. If you are more than 10 minutes late, your instructor may be assigned to a different student and you may lose your spot.

If you have multiple skiers or snowboarders, please sign up for multiple spots especially if they are at different ability levels. For example, a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old will learn at different paces and should be signed up for different instructors.

Please sign up for only 1-3 lessons at a time. As you learn to ski or snowboard you may move up a level or may no longer need lessons which will open them up for other families. With our new model, we have less capacity than in other years, especially with Level 1 lessons; we simply don’t have room for that many lessons at once on the bunny hill while maintaining distancing between groups. Please help us make sure that as many families as possible have access to lessons.

If you accidentally sign up for the wrong type of lesson (skier vs snowboard) or on a date that you are not able to commit to, or need to cancel for any reason, contact

On the day of your lesson please arrive with your ski boots on or put them on in your car. The chalet will be closed to the public and only outdoor space is available. To check-in for your lesson, you will report to the lesson check-in station located bottom of the hill with everyone who is participating in the lesson. Lesson participants will be screened for signs and symptoms of COVID-19, checked in, and then assigned instructors. Please arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow time for this check-in procedure.

The bunny hill will be closed to non-lesson participants on days that we have lessons. We will open it on days that lessons are not scheduled for families to practice.

This is a big departure from how we have done our lessons in the past. If you have any questions please email

To sign up for lessons follow this link: LINK TO COME . We will be adding more weekend lessons to this schedule as the season progresses but are holding off for now in the event that restrictions change either allowing us to add more lessons or requiring us to not offer lessons.

Duluth, Minnesota