On Their Own for the First Time

The past 3 years my hubby and myself have been teaching my niece and nephew to ski. They have non-skiing parents and live 5 hours away so opportunities to ski are limited to once a year. They are now 7 and 9. This year as part of their Christmas break I again brought them to Duluth to ski Spirit Mountain and Chester Bowl. On our day at Chester we proudly and happily sat in the Chester snack area and watched them independently ride the chair lift and ski “alone” for the first time. Chester provided a great opportunity to let them go on their own for the first time as we could keep an eye on them yet have them ski alone, a perfect combination that really doesn’t exist at bigger ski areas. We are thankful for Chester Bowl area to help give them the confidence and experience to ski independently for the first time. And as the Auntie to do it in a safe place. We also enjoyed the affordable snack and beverage prices! Thanks to Chester Bowl and all their staff and volunteers.


Duluth, Minnesota