Winter Cadet Program

Chester Bowl Cadets are teen/tween volunteers, and are essential to our program.

Cadets help during lessons, teach people to ride the chairlift correctly and help smaller kids get on the chairlift, help setup & maintain the terrain park, help during Freestyle Fridays, and are available to ski or snowboard with kids who may need a little extra help.  They are often the ones to take a new skier or snowboarder up the chairlift for the very first time.

The Cadet program has two purposes: to provide leadership and growth opportunities for teens and tweens, and to provide assistance and role models to our younger and/or newer participants.

The rest of this section is divided into two parts: Info for parents & participants needing Cadet assistance and info for Cadets and their families.

Parents & Participants Needing Cadet Assistance

  • Cadets ire available to assist those learning to ski and snowboard at Chester Bowl. Cadets are always available to be chairlift partners to those who need assistance riding the lift. They can also be skiing/boarding buddies for limited numbers of trips up and down the hill.
  • Cadets are a supplement to lessons, but should not be used as a replacement for attending our free skiing and snowboarding lessons. Cadets have been through two trainings with our staff, and are supervised by the Program Director and a parent Cadet Coordinator.
  • If you need assistance for your newer skier or boarder while at Chester Bowl, look for the “Cadet station” near the lift line. The next Cadet to come through the lift line will be able to assist your child.  The sign reads as follows:

Info for Parents & Cadets

Cadets must be in 7th grade through 10th grade. Participants are recruited during the fall, especially around the time of ski/snowboard fittings and the lottery, and have trainings before the hill opens in December. Cadets are expected to volunteer for a total of 50 hours over the course of the season, prioritizing the December Holiday Break, Saturday lessons, and Freestyle Fridays. In return for their time, cadets receive free food while working, leadership trainings, and will be able to attend a private ski & snowboard party only for Cadets and siblings!

Registration will open for the 2022/2023 Cadet Program in the fall along with season pass and equipment rental registration, and the online registration form will be linked here at that time.

All Cadets must attend two orientations. The first orientation will be held via Zoom and will describe the program goals, expectations for Cadets and provide all the info that Cadets will need to be successful. The second training will be an outdoor, on-hill orientation where Cadets will practice the skills they will be using during their volunteer service. This on-hill training is dependent on Chester Bowl having snow and being open for the season, and may be re-scheduled if we are not yet open. Look for the dates to be announced in the Fall.

For additional information, please contact Sam Luoma at 218-724-9832 or

Duluth, Minnesota