OPEN Monday Feb 10

We are back open! We have repaired our chairlift, and will be open Monday, February 10, from 4:30-8:30pm. We will not be open on Tuesday or Wednesday as part of our normal schedule, but will be open again on Thursday evening.

Thank you all for your patience as we worked to isolate and repair the problem. Here is the short version of what happened:

Chairlifts have an electrical safety circuit throughout the lift. If someone struggles getting on to the chairlift or falls getting off, the lift operator hits the Stop button. This opens the electrical circuit and stops the lift. There are also many safety switches throughout the chairlift. If there is a mechanical problem, it will trigger the safety switch, open the circuit, and stop the lift. Our issue is that the lift was stopping without being triggered by staff or a mechanical issue. We knew the problem was within the electrical system or the safety circuit, but it is very difficult to troubleshoot. After discovering the issue last Monday, we thought we had isolated and repaired it on Tuesday and Wednesday. About an hour after opening on Thursday, the unexplained stops started up again and caused us to close for the weekend to keep working on it. Thanks to the help of Luke Meints (City Electrician), Mark Hoffman (Spirit Mountain Lift Technician), and Ian Koivisto (Mont Du Lac Lift Technician) we were able to find and repair the area that was causing the stops. After the repairs, we were able to run the lift today for several hours without any issues, allowing us to open tonight.

Come celebrate with us tonight by skiing and snowboarding at Chester Bowl!

We will reschedule the Freestyle Friday and Sunday Race that had to be postponed from this weekend, but do not have dates set yet. Please watch your emails for updates.

If you see any of our partners with the City Facilities Maintenance Department, Spirit Mountain, and Mont Du Lac, please thank them for their support.

If any problems do resurface this evening, we will immediately post to

Thank you for your patience and support, Dave & Sam

Closed February 7-9

Due to ongoing chairlift issues, Chester Bowl is closed Friday February 7th through Sunday, February 9th.

Freestyle Friday, sponsored by Medium Control, and Sunday’s race, sponsored by the Grand Ave Veterinary Clinic, are both postponed to dates to be determined.

We will open again as soon as we can, but we are unable to determine at this time when that will be, but we will be closed at least through the weekend. We appreciate your patience and understanding.

In the meantime, this is an excellent opportunity to use the partner discounts that come with your season pass! Look for the “partner ski discounts” sub-tab under the ski/snowboard tab above.

Accepting Applications for the Chester Creek Concert Series

Chester Bowl partners with the City of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department to present the Chester Creek Concert Series- ten weeks of free live music in the park! Concerts are on Tuesdays starting June 9th, and feature a diverse lineup of musical styles and genres. Applications are being accepted through 4pm on Monday, February 20th for bands to be considered. Selected musicians do receive a stipend. Bands can apply at this link. If you have a favorite band that you would like to see on stage, please encourage them to apply!

Duluth, Minnesota