My 5 year old started the season not knowing how to ski. Once she went through ski camp and spent time with the cadets, she finished out the season placing in 2 races. She is so proud of her trophies and can’t wait to get back next year! Great job, Chester Bowl! You are an irreplaceable local gem! – Nik B

There are so many wonderful stories to share about Chester Bowl, but they all boil down to one thing: community. Everybody is friends at Chester Bowl, everyone’s a winner at Chester Bowl, and everyone looks out for each other at Chester Bowl. Chester Bowl, and programs like it, strengthen our community and our relationships with one another. – a Chester Bowl Parent

My 5 year old tried and tried to get the skiing technique down (including going to the camp). He has non-skiing parents which didn’t help the situation. He got to a point that he didn’t even want to go any longer. Finally, the last weekend, something clicked and he was able to go up the chair lift and ski down! He can’t wait for next season!!! Thank you for your persistence and guidance!! – a Chester Bowl Parent

The first day that my five year old and I hit the slopes after a yearlong break from skiing, I was a little tentative (for my child). I wondered how he’d handle the pitch at the bowl. But Thom and another Chester advisor suggested great tips for teaching my little guy to carve big turns and before you knew it, we were carving and cruising Chester with ease (even if I secretly feared my boy might still fly into the woods). It’s indicative of the Chester experience: people are there for each other, encouraging, helpful and celebrating people just getting out there together for a ski. -Jake K.

My family joined lesson very late and we hardly had time to take lesson.  But thanks for Chester bowl family because of your help we learned ski and specially our kids enjoyed a lot.  We both enjoyed and learned a lot.  I really appreciated your help and support .Because of you guys our family learned ski so quick. See you next year.  You all are amazing.  Keep up the good work and thanks for helping us.  -Anita A

My 4 year old was VERY excited to be doing the same thing as his big brother. They loved talking about it with each other and watching the videos I took of them learning and getting better every week. “Did you see me zoom, Mom?!?!” – a Chester Bowl Parent

Every day at Chester Bowl is a great day. Leanne T.

Duluth, Minnesota