COVID-19 Program Adaptations

*** Update Summer 2022***

We have not yet set our COVID-19 protocols for Winter 2022/2023. Please check back closer to the start of the season for updates. The information below applied to Winter 2021/2022.

*** End Update***

We have developed a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that has been approved by the City detailing all the changes happening at Chester Bowl this winter. We recommend that you read through the full plan, which is available here.

Here is a summary of key program changes.

The Thom Storm Chalet: Because of limited space, the warming area in the Thom Storm Chalet will be open only to those in need of a space to warm themselves on an emergency basis. Masks will be required in this area 100% of the time. All food and beverages must be consumed outside the building. The bathrooms will be available but the rest of the building will only be open to staff, volunteers, and ski patrollers.

Concessions: The Chester Bowl Improvement Club purchased a cabin and concessions will be sold outside this winter. We will be selling only day passes and prepackaged food will be sold from concessions. Volunteering for concessions will be outside this winter, please plan accordingly.

Masks & Face Coverings: Masks and face coverings are required anytime indoors, during equipment fittings, and in lessons, Freestyle Fridays, and the Race Series, and if you are unable to maintain social distancing. We ask that everyone does their best to maintain social distancing from others throughout their time at Chester Bowl, and we want everyone to feel welcome to wear a mask all the time if that is their preference. If you choose to not follow the requirements, you will be not be allowed to participate.

Lift Line & Riding the Chairlift: Masks are not required while riding the lift unless you are participating in any of the programs listed above. People may ride the lift with a partner but will not be required to do so.

Equipment Fittings: Each person will be signing up for an individual equipment fitting time and date. When signing up we ask that families sign up for the same fitting day and utilize slots that are right after one another. This will prevent gaps in the signup. We will be utilizing fewer volunteers and spacing out fittings to provide for social distancing.

Duluth, Minnesota