COVID-19 Program Adaptations

We are happy to announce that the Thom Storm Chalet will be open to the public during the 2022/2023 winter season to be able to eat and warm up! However, there will be a few changes that you will want to plan ahead for.


Masking is strongly encouraged while indoors. There will be masks available for participants at the front entrance of the Thom Storm Chalet. 

Outdoor Concession Stand

We will be keeping the outdoor concession stand as an option for participants to purchase day passes, to avoid the indoor spaces, and to speed things up overall for people not looking to purchase hot food. You will be able to purchase the following from the outdoor concession stand:

  • Day Passes
  • Prepackaged Food & Drinks
  • Hot Chocolate

Indoor Concession Stand

We are excited to bring back our indoor concession stand and warming space! We will not be selling any lift tickets or season passess out of the indoor concession stand. This will allow us to divert that traffic outside and prevent overcrowding in our indoor spaces. Participants will be able to purchase the following from the indoor concession stand:

  • Hot Food
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Other Items

Please note that this policy can change if cases of COVID-19 go up and/or local requirements change.

Duluth, Minnesota