COVID-19 Program Adaptations

We have made changes to the winter ski and snowboard program this year to ensure that it is as safe as possible during the pandemic.

We have developed a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan that has been approved by the City detailing all the changes happening at Chester Bowl this winter. We recommend that you read through the full plan, which is available here:

Here is a summary of key program changes.

The Thom Storm Chalet: Because of limited space, the Thom Storm Chalet will be closed to skiers and boarders this winter. The bathrooms will be available but the rest of the building will only be open to staff and ski patrol volunteers.

Concessions: The Chester Bowl Improvement Club purchased a cabin from Glensheen’s Winter Village and concessions will be sold outside this winter. The area in front of the chalet will include more seating and either a propane or campfire heat source. It will be important for all participants to be constantly mindful of social distancing when in the space in front of the Chalet. Volunteering for concessions will be outside this winter, please plan accordingly.

Chester Bowl’s Alpine Race Series: Because participation levels exceed allowable program sizes and the logistics involved with running races during a pandemic, we made the decision to cancel this year’s alpine race series.

Freestyle Fridays: Because participation is usually within the 25-person limit for each age group, we feel that we can safely provide Freestyle Fridays programming this winter. Participants will be run in waves followed immediately by awards. Registration will occur in advance of each event and there will be no room for walk on participation.

Lessons: Our free lessons will be limited to 25 people including staff and pre-registration using Signup Genius will be required. Because of this limitation lessons will be offered on both Saturdays and Sundays this winter. Lessons will be shortened to 45 minutes and staff will be reduced to fit more participants into each lesson.

Masks & Face Coverings: Masks and face coverings are required anytime indoors, during equipment fittings, lessons, Freestyle Fridays, while waiting in the lift line, while riding the chairlift, and anytime you are within 6 feet of someone not in your family group. If you choose to not follow this direction, you will be not be allowed to participate.

Lift Line & Riding the Chairlift: We are not going to ask anyone to ride the lift with anyone else. If you are at the hill with household members, or if you arrived at the hill in the same vehicle as your friends or other families you are “podding” with, you may ride on the same chair together. Also, during lessons, staff or Cadets may ride up the lift with lesson participants to help them learn how to use the chairlift. In this situation, both people must be wearing masks and gloves. While waiting in the lift line, everyone must maintain 6 ft of social distancing and are required to have their face and nose covered with a mask or face covering. There will be a different style lift line this year with markings to cue people to maintain social distancing. Again, we require that you follow social distancing guidelines while waiting in the lift line and consistent failure to do so may limit your participation.

Ski & Snowboard Equipment Lottery: The 2020 Equipment Lottery will be 100% online this year. Registration for the lottery opens today and will remain open until October 18. Please only sign up once for each family! Starting on 10/19, emails will be sent out in randomized waves. The first waves of emails will be to new families and families that completed their volunteer hours. The following waves of emails will be to families that participated last season but did not complete their volunteer hours. The email will include a link to a slide show that everyone must watch fully before being able to register! At the end of the presentation there will be a list of Signup Genius pages to sign up for individual equipment fittings.

Equipment Fittings: As mentioned above, fitting signups will happen 100% online this year utilizing Signup Genius. Each person will be signing up for an individual equipment fitting time and date. There will be more than twice as many equipment fittings sessions this year to allow for more social distance. In order to do this, we have equipment fittings during daytime hours as well as our regular evening sessions. These sessions will serve about half the regular volume of people during a 3-hour window, utilize less volunteers, and require that every participant go through a pre-screening process. When signing up we ask that families sign up for the same fitting day and utilize slots that are right after one another. This will prevent gaps in the signup.

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