Chester Bowl Archive Ski_Tournament_1908_post_card

Chester Bowl_Archive_1910s_postcard_Chester Creek_Duluth

Chester Bowl Archive _circa 1910 Chalet, Skiiers, toboggan slides

Chester Bowl_Archive_1910s_former Chalet _and Ski Jumping_detail

Chester Bowl Archive Ski Hill and Jump 1925 postcard

Chester Bowl_Archive_1926_Tom ?

Chester Bowl_Archive_January 1926_dedication meet_ new steel slide

Chester Bowl Jumpers circa 1920s

jump construction

Charlie Banks, Darrel Kurki and Ray Wick with awards

Chester Bowl Chalet

Chester Bowl, circa 1910s, Chalet with horses and sleighs

1908 Postcard, Ski Jumping Tournament, Chester Bowl

Chester Bowl, January 1926 dedication meet, new steel jump

Chester Bowl, ski jumpers, circa 1920s

Chester Bowl Toboggan Slide, 1930s

Chester Bowl, Big Wooden Jump with viewing stand

Chester Park Junior Ski Club, 1941

Chester Bowl, ca. 1940-50s, Duluth Ski Club

Chester Bowl, ice skaters by Chalet

Chester Bowl, Billy Anderson skiing

Gary Rutherford ski jumping, date unknown

Chester Bowl Chalet, 1950s

3 skiiers

Walter Mattson and kids at ski banquet , 1950s

Chester Bowl,1970s, Junior Patrol Cadets1

Chester Bowl, 1950s jumpers

Chester Bowl pond construction

Chester Bowl Ski Club, 1981

Ski jump, Ishpeming, Michigan

Procession of ski jumpers

Glen & Daryl Nelson with group of skiiers

Frank Chida skiing backwards

Steve Sydow, ski jumping

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1958, grooming jump inrun, Fond du Lac; Gordy Rutherford in light sweater

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1930s Toboggan Slide

1978 Booster Button committee

1926 Dedication meet steel slide