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We are so grateful for all of the volunteers at Chester Bowl that make our program possible. We truly could not have a ski and snowboard program without all of you generously giving your time!

Volunteer Opportunities:

If you are still looking to sign up for your volunteer hours, concessions are a good place to start.  We need three individuals working each shift while we are open. The links below lead to the monthly Jooners calendars where we schedule volunteer hours.


Click here for signups in December

Click here for signups in January

Click here for signups in February

Click here for signups in March


Our other big need for volunteering is on our race days. We have six key races this year (plus the parent race!), and each needs a large crew of volunteers to run.  Our races are January 4th,  January 18th, February 1st, February 13th, February 22, and March 8th.  The volunteer signup for the races is a paper signup on the door of Dave and Sam’s office downstairs in the chalet.


Changing your volunteer shift:

If you are scheduled to volunteer, and find you are unable to make a concessions volunteer shift, it is ESSENTIAL that you find a replacement volunteer and/or inform us.  If we do not have enough volunteers, we would be unable to operate our concession stand for that time.  If you need to change your commitment, the procedures are as follows:

1. First, call three other volunteers to see if they are able to switch or take your shift. More information on how to contact those volunteers follows.

2. Contact the Concessions coordinator for the month to either report who the replacement is, or that you were unable to find one.  Volunteers are unable to make changes to Jooners, but the coordinators can.  This season’s coordinators are:

Patrice & Dan Menor (Dec. 13 – Jan. 15) 310-8438
Jodi Symens (Jan.16 – Feb.15) 390-7461
Joyce Cagle (Feb.16 – Mar. 22) h)724-5242, c)348-4222

3. If the shift is that day, and you are unable to find a volunteer replacement AND unable to reach the coordinator, then please call Chester Bowl at 724-9832 to let us know so we can find a replacement.


Substitute List:

When looking for volunteer substitutes, people on this list would welcome a call.  Please email dave@chesterbowl.org if you want to be added to this list.

Robert Misuraco, 320-761-6492

Corbin Smyth, 218-590-4874

Allison Haus, 715-379-9019

Sarah Paul, 218-724-3389 or 605-201-6249

Pam Johnsrud, 612-807-3445

Brian and Jennifer Loof 218-721-4418


Support Programs at Chester Bowl

CBIC is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your donations are fully tax-deductible.

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Hours & Events

Fall Fest!
Saturday September 19th, 9:30-4:30
Rain date 9/20

October 15 & 16, Fall Adventure Program


Chester Bowl Improvement Club
1801 East Skyline
Duluth, MN 55812
phone: (218) 724-9832

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Inclusiveness Policy

Chester Bowl Improvement Club (CBIC) is deeply committed to providing a diverse, inclusive and respectful environment in the park and in our programs. CBIC is committed to preventing bullying and harassment in our community and expect all program participants to sign our Peace in the Parks pledge. For both employment and access to programs and activities, the CBIC will not engage in discrimination against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, age, marital status, disability, or sexual orientation including gender identity.