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By the Chester, of the Chester and for the Chester

At Sara’s Table / Chester Creek Cafe has graciously offered to host a benefit for Chester Bowl to help repair damage from the recent storms. A big thanks to them.
The event is being planned for Saturday, July 21 in the Chester Creek Cafe parking lot.

They need volunteers to help with the event, and if you’re not crazy about standing on the ski hill watching race gates in the middle of winter, this may be the perfect way to get some volunteer hours logged for next season, or if you need hours for the summer camp season.

Here is what they’re asking for.
3-4 people on food
2-3 people on drinks
2 Gophers
Someone to help with sound
2-4 people for crowd control
3-5 people on set-up
3-5 people on clean -up
1 Kids or activites director (this could include a

If you’re available on July 21 and can help out, please send an e-mail to volunteer@chesterbowl.org and let us know what you would like to do, and approximately what times you would be available during the day. Please also give us your name and phone number.

Even if you can’t volunteer, please mark the calendar, plan to attend and pass the word. It should be a great time.

Facebook Event

Chester Creek Cafe Page

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Hours & Events

Here is an update on our chairlift and ski camp schedule.

Sunday, Dec. 21
Lift Open 11-4:30

Monday, Dec. 22
Lift Open 4:30-8:30

Tuesday, Dec. 23
Lift Open 4:30-8:30 (This is a special Tuesday night opening)

Wednesday, Dec. 24
Closed - Christmas Eve

Thursday, Dec. 25
Closed - Christmas Day

Friday, Dec 26
Lift Open 11-4:30
First Day Of Ski Camp
No Registration Necessary
11:30 to 12:30 - Non Skier Lessons
Can't ride lift,
Need parents to help walk them up the bottom of the hill
No ski poles

1:30 to 2:30- Non Skier Lessons
same as above

3:00 to 4:00 Beginner & Intermediate Lessons
Can ride lift and want to improve turns

Saturday, Dec. 27
Lift Open 11-4:30
Ski Camp Day #2

Sunday, Dec. 28
Lift Open 11-4:30
Ski Camp Day #3

Monday, Dec. 29
Lift Open 11-4:30
Ski Camp Day #4

Tuesday, Dec. 30
Lift Open 11-4:30
Ski Camp Day #5

Wednesday, Dec. 31
Lift Open 11-4:30

Thursday, Jan 1
Lift Closed - Happy New Year!

Friday, Jan. 2
Lift Open 11-4:30

Saturday, Jan. 3
Lift Open 11-4:30
11:30-12:30 Adult Ski Lessons
12:30 - 1:30 Snowboard Lessons
1:30-2:30 Non-Skier Lessons
3:00-4:00 Beginner & Intermediate Ski Lessons
2:30-4:30 Race Registration For Sunday's Race

Sunday, Jan. 4
Lift Open 11-4:30
11-12:30 Race Registration
No Late Registrations
1:15 Race Starts


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phone: (218) 724-9832

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